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You-Chyun Hsu Attending Staff

Tel:886-2-23123456 ext 62508


DDS, national Taiwan University, 1978

Visiting scholar in advanced prosthodontic,
Biomaterial, Hospital Dentistry Group of UCLA USA, 1999

Professional specialties

Fixed and removable prosthodontic treatment; dental implant prostheses

Main Research Interests

Use of dental implant in prosthodontics

  1. How to design proper implant site and direction in partial or fully edentulous patientsfor supporting prostheses and to choose correct implant material with prosthetic parts to accomplish oral rehabilitation. Recent interest is the long-term effect of dental implants placed in the grafted edentulous bony ridge.

Prosthetic treatment for gerodontic patients

  1. How to treat and prevent the special situations of geriatric patients, such as attrition, cervical and root caries, xerostomia, loss of periodontal support etc.
  2. How to use precision attachment in removable prostheses.
  3. How to use conventional or implant-retained prostheses to reconstruct the severe ridge resorbed patients.
  4. How to use fixed and removable prostheses to manage the severe attrition cases.

Combined use dental implants in maxillofacial prosthesis

  1. To design the most profitable dental implants in the remaining oral-facial structureand use various possible attachments to improve the retention and stability of maxillofacial prostheses.

Selected Publications

  1. Chu CY, Kuo TC, Chang SF, Shyu YC, Lin CP (2010). Comparison of the microstructure of crown and root dentin by a scanning electron microscopic study. Journal of Dental Sciences 5(1):14-20. (SCI)
  2. Wang WH, Wang CY, Shyu YC, Liu CM, Lin FH, Lin CP (2010). Compositional characteristics and hydration behavior of mineral trioxide aggregates. Journal of Dental Sciences 5(2):53-59. (SCI)
  3. Liu CM, Shyu YC, Pei SC, Lan WH, Hou LT (2002). In vitro effect of laser irradiation on cementum-bound endotoxin isolated from periodontally diseased roots. Journal of Periodontology 73(11):1260-66. (SCI)