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Ming-Kuang Guo Emeritus Professor

Emeritus professor, School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University Attending staff (part time), Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Dentistry, National Taiwan University Hospital

Tel:886-2-23123456 ext 70251


1966   School of Dentistry, National Taiwan University, DDS
1976   University of Minnesota, USA,  MS

Chairperson, Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Dentistry, NTUH
Founder president, Taiwan Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (1992-95)
Member, Committee of Oral Medicine, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, ROC (2004-06)
Examiner, National examination for dental board, Ministry of Examination, ROC
Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota, USA  (1987)
Chair, committee of academic affair, Dental Association for Dental Science, Taiwan (1983-85)
Editor in Chief, Chinese Dental Journal, Dental Association for Dental Science, Taiwan (1985-87)  
Research associate, Paffenburger Research Center, American Dental Association (1986)

Professional specialties

Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Biology, Dental Public Health

Main Research Interests

Prevention of Dental Caries

Selected Publications

  1. Huang GF, Guo MK. Resting dental plaque pH values after repeated measurements at different sites in the oral cavity.  Proceedings of the National Science Council, Part B, Life Sciences 2000; 24(4) 187-192.
  2. Huang GF, Lan WH, Guo MK, Chiang C. A synergistic effect of Nd-YAG Laser combined with fluoride varnish on inhibition of caries formation in dental pits and fissures in vitro.  J Formos Med Assoc 2001; 100(3): 181-5.
  3. Chen CN, Huang GF, Guo MK, Lin CP. An in vitro study on restoring bond strength of a GIC to saliva contaminated enamel under unrinse condition. J of Dentistry 2002; 30:189-194.
  4. Ming-Kuang Guo.  Recent Development of Dental Public Health in Taiwan 
    Chin Dent J 2003; 22(3):197-208. (invited review article)
  5. Ming-Kuang Guo, Wan-Hong Lan, Juo-Song Wang, Hsin-Fu Chang. A training program for junior dental residents---Comprehensive oral health care. J Medical Education  2003;7(3):402-8.
  6. Hsiu-Ming Hsu, Guay-Fen Huang, Hsiao-Hua Chang, Yin-Lin Wang, Ming-Kuang Guo.  A continuous flow system for assessing fluoride release/ uptake of fluoride-containing restorative materials. Dental Materials 2004; 20(8):740-9.
  7. Hsiao-Hua Chang, Ming-Kuang Guo, Frederick H. Kasten, Mei-Chi Chang, Guay-Fen Huang, Yin-Lin Wang, Ruey-Song Wang, Jiiang-Huei Jeng.  Stimulation of glutathione depletion, ROS production and cell cycle arrest of dental pulp cells and gingival epithelial cells by HEMA. Biomaterials 2005;26:745-53.
  8. Kuo CI, Wang YL, Chang HH, Huang GF, Lin CP, Li UM, Guo MK. Application of Ni-Ti Files for pulpectomy in primary molars—method and short term clinical results. J Dent Sci 2006;1(1):10-15.