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Man-Ching Cheng Adjunct Lecturer



DDS, National Taiwan University
MS, Orthodontics Case Western Reserve University USA

Professional specialties


Main Research Interests

Craniofacial growth, Adult orthodontics

Selected Publications

Treatment of class II division 1 with temporomandibular disorder via bony anchorage—a case report.
Yen-Peng Chen, Yuan-Hou Chen, S.K. Chen, Alex Yunn-Jy Chen, Man-Ching Cheng, Yi-Jane Chen, Eddie Lai, Chung-Chen Jane Yao.
Annual Conference of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists, Kaoshung, Taiwan, December 17-18, 2005.

Comparison of the treatment outcomes between mini-implant anchorage and extra-oral anchorage in adult cases with maxillary dentoalvolar protrusion. 
I Chen, Man-Ching Cheng, Min-Chih Hung, Eddie Hsiang-Hua Lai, Chung-Chen Jane Yao, Yi-Jane Chen.
Annual Conference of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists, Taipei, Taiwan, December 16-17, 2006.