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Chun-Pin Lin Distinguished Professor

電話:886-2-23123456 ext 67400


D.D.S. in Dentistry, National Taiwan University, 1980
M.S. in Biophysical Science, University of Minnesota, 1994
Ph.D. in Oral Biology, University of Minnesota, 1994

Chair of division of endodontics of NTU Hospital (1996.08.01-2006.07.31)
President of academy of endodontology, R.O.C. (1999.09.-2001.09)
A committee member of academy of endodontology, R.O.C.  (2005.09-2007.09)


  1. Endodontics
  2. Medical engineering
  3. Biomaterials and biomechanics
  4. Electron microscopy



1. Diagnosis and treatment of dentin hypersensitivity and tooth fracture
2. Pain control in endodontics
3. Study on electronic root canal meter and its clinical application
4. Root canal rotary instrumentation
5. Endodontic microsurgery and digital radiography

 Biomaterials and biomechanics in dentistry

1. Fracture mechanics and bonding mechanics
2. Biomechanisms of tooth, periodontal ligament and bone
3. Physical properties of biological tissues and biomaterials
4. Finite element simulation
5. Micromechanical analysis of restored crown and posted root

 Electron microscopy

1. Ultrastructure of dental hard tissues
2. Analytical electron microscopy
3. Dynamic study with low vacuum scanning electron microscopy
4. Specimen preparation of hard tissues for electron microscopy
5. Electron microscopy in immunocytochemistry


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